S. Gryfgen (caira) wrote,
S. Gryfgen

. . . and some more Fringe stand-up.

Simon Pampena, “maths comedian”, should be prevented from repeating this performance at any cost, as he risks undoing all the good work Adam Spencer did for mathematicskind over the years. It’s not that he’s the worst comedian I’ve ever seen—that honour goes to European Man—but a show on one of my favourite topics (probability) should not leave me thinking that comedy should really be left to the Arts students. Making me wait ten minutes for a decent laugh is understandable; spending half of them singing the song from Flashdance, complete with relevant moves, merely serves as a reminder that playing the fool is no substitute for being funny.

With the bar set that low, Abigoliah Schamaun (yes, it’s her real name, and yes, her opening joke was about it) didn’t need to do much to lift my mood. In any case, her mix of self-deprecation, yoga stories, and a steadily rising tide of obscenity was brilliant. There’s a fine art to shocking an audience while making them laugh harder, which she pulled off beautifully.
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