S. Gryfgen (caira) wrote,
S. Gryfgen

More Fringing

Luck is gimmicky, flashy, as random as the name implies, occasionally deliberately grating, and loud enough to drown out two dozen V8s being driven hard just down the road. It's a show about Vegas, it had damn well better be. The woman in the one-woman show couldn't have done better with her (tricky) set requirements if she had designed the theatre (one of the smaller ones put up for the Garden of Unearthly Delights) herself. The gimmicks make this great; without random moments of dance and storytelling based on the roll of a die or draw of a card, time-limited by an apparently-automatic bell off-stage, it's a fairly commonplace story of a girl who doesn't get on with her weird family.

Jamie Kilstein had "Franco-Unamerican" playing before he walked on, and I was therefore scared it's be the same crap as NOFX without the backbeat. And it pretty much was; but it turns out this is a good thing. The guy didn't try to sing, but did deliver what were mostly pretty tired anti-Christian/Republican jokes quickly, cleverly, and with enough background research to make them work well. I've never actually laughed out loud at a Zombie Jesus crack before. (When nobody laughs at your fundie jokes, all you apparently need to do is find nuttier fundies.) Nothing revolutionary in terms of form, mind—he segued neatly into family-history anecdotes toward the end (not a bad thing). And he knew just how to suck up play to an Adelaide crowd.
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